Cargills Food City Outlet Payments


Please read below instructions on how to pay at Cargills Food City Counters

Pay at any Cargills Food City Outlet island wide 365 days from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM

All you need to do:

1.     Complete the "Cargillls Cash Voucher" available at Cargills Food City counter & hand it over to the cashier along with the cash (as shown in the below image).

2.     Loan agreement (Loan ID number you received from Cashray eg.9030- 12345)

3.     Repayment amount should be as shown in the App.

Make sure to enter Account / Card holder Name as "Cash ray", not your individual name.



4.     Once the cashier completes the transaction, you will be given a printed receipt of confirmation

Check the printed receipt to ensure whether "Account Holder Name" is appeared as

FINRAY (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Your payment will be updated instantly.

(Cash ray is powered by FINRAY (PRIVATE) LIMITED.)

You may call Cargills Bank Call Center on 011 7 640 640 (24x7) for any clarification


Instructions to CFC Cashiers:

-       Select Cargills Cash under (F10) option and select Cargills Cash Collection (F6).

-       Select the merchant name as "cash ray".

-       Enter Customer Loan Agreement Numbers correctly in the Reference number field.

-       Enter the customer payment instructions & submit the transactions.